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What is Kitabertiga?

Kitabertiga is a small, nee, miniscule initiative of Devina Gracia, Michelle Tjioe, and myself. We produce short documentaries dealing with our personal problems which cannot be resolved otherwise we film the damn thing.

What documentaries have Kitabertiga produced?

So far, we have made only two short documentaries, as apparently, dealing with the dark side of ourselves is exhausting. Each film is autobiographical, directed by its own main subject. We have yet to make a film about Devina, as we are still trying to conceive something with a higher production quality and an even more universal theme.

1. Ante Mortem (Skolastika Lupitawina, 2015)

Ante Mortem started out as a promise Tika made as a little child, to immortalize her nanny in a way she knows how. She feels like she owes her nanny one, for providing Tika with a very stable childhood. Her restless self cannot settle with the bitter ending, so Tika set out to write her own.

Ante Mortem is not about her childhood, or how it ends. Most importantly, it is about discovering herself. It is about figuring out how one’s past events can shape who they are now. It is about making peace and quitting ignorance. It’s about moving on in life and celebrating what is to come. What was in the past belongs only to us. The world forgets, but we stand by and forge anew. This spirit, Tika hopes, will resonate with the audience.

For more information about Ante Mortem, we have set up a public profile right here*.

2. The Making of a Director in the Making (Michelle Tjioe, 2015)

The film begins with Kitabertiga wanting to film the research for Cinemon Pictures upcoming final project. It leads to the interesting discovery of how the writer/director of the project, Michelle, is unable to develop the Mom character in the script because her own lack of mother figure.

Denial in her pain, Michelle didn’t realize how detached she is with her family until halfway into the filming. This raw short documentary depicts how a lack of communication between family members can cut two ways, and how acceptance can be redeemed through the unlikeliest events.

For more information about The Making, we have set up a public profile right here*.

What’s next for Kitabertiga?

Apart from trying to figure out a better name to brand ourselves, Kitabertiga is hoping to develop a transmedia channel. Like its predecessors, the planned channel will not be afraid to get too personal.

Right now, we are investing our time in related fields to seek what is it we need to build the right content, and also devoting ourselves to impending graduation. We also are looking for benefactors who are interested in providing uncensored, raw contents for millenials.

*The video file is password-protected; we distribute our films through live festivals (much preferably with room for after-screening discussion).


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