Indonesian Feminists Struggle to Get Headlines for a Rural Underage Gang Rape Case

So here I am asking you, is that title enticing enough? Is that title enticing enough, or is YY’s case still “too local” for you to report? As to why I have to resort to clickbaiting, I have to admit here, we feel a little desperate. We want you to care not simply for YY, but to how common this nature of crime is regarded nationally, to how it’s regarded as a no-big-deal, and how we had enough of that.

This whole ordeal has left me wondering, why is the media outrage shockingly low? It is not like Indonesians are new to sensationalist journalism, milking all over a horrific crime to sell papers. Fine, maybe YY’s case is immediately solved. There’s no did they/did they not the press pulled on Engeline’s case or Mirna’s. It is, however, an unnatural crime. It is also a significant one, a portrait to how Indonesian women are very prone to these kinds of crimes. No disrespect to the late Mirna, but notice how local the scope of a girl-poisoned-by-friend-in-a-cafe is compared to an innocent-middle-schooler-brutally-assaulted-on-her-way-back-from-school. Yet, that did not seem enough for the press.
Then, a nasty realization hit me. YY and her family are nobody. They are not influential even to the community (of course, YY is a model student in her school, but not much else was stated). They have no money. Unlike the parents of assaulted JIS students, or the angry defendants of Engeline, or Mirna’s dad, YY’s parents have no power to demand anything from anyone. They cannot rage and demand old testament justice to be served. They might even think catching and punishing the perpetrators to be more than enough. While these other parents had enough power to summon the media and rage, drawing more and more attention to their legal battles, YY’s parents are pushed into shame and grief.
This is exactly the problem. The reason to why the press cares little is the same reason why my allies and I fight to make this known! YY matters because hers is a nobody’s case. Imagine how many have been silenced because of the same grief, shame, and helplessness of YY’s family. According to Komnas Anak, there was 2,898 child abuse cases in 2015, 59.30% of them sexual crimes. This is a raise from 2014, where 2,726 cases were recorded, 56% of them sexual, and only 179 were reported. Are there enough nobodies for you to care now?
This crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. That nobody could one day be me, or worse – my sisters! If (universe forbid) that happen, we do not wish to be silenced in shame or to be invaded by the dreaded “what did you wear”-s. We want a support system, and we believe that everyone deserves the same. We want recuperation for the grieving families, medical aid and rehab for the victims, justice for the perpetrators. We want zero victim-blaming, we do not want it to be a stretch in this otherwise patriarchal nation. YY is not the first martyr, but for universe’s sake, we want her to be the last.
As for now, if YY is not a national/global/whatever enough narrative for you, I hope “feminists unite to raise the voice of voiceless nobodies through an independent initiative” will do.

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