2 thoughts on “IPT1965

  1. hi kak tika! i just discovered kompas video on facebook and spent nearly 2 hours watching you guys’ videos, hahaha. i like the videos! its so neat, amusing, great to watch. then i wondered who are the humans behind those videos. so i tried to find ‘the crew’ on instagram and then i found you! turns out youre the scriptwriter of the videos.. wow! i dont really know what a scriptwriter does but i guess you kinda make like the story board?.. anyways, i adore you guys’ work! the content, the motion graphic, the animation, everything. not a lot of people care about ‘the humans behind the desktop’ so i guess someone has to say this. i wish kompas video and kompas tv the greatest things and i hope one day when i finally reach that age i can do an internship there 🙂 see you!


    1. Thanks for reaching out, Bee! Scriptwriter, well, we write pitches, treatments, scripts, copywriting … basically any texts/dialogues you see/hear. So basically, it’s a lot of brainstorming and teamwork. I hope you continue to support us 😀 Feel free to comment and share our vids, hopefully you can join us soon!


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