Ngomong Jorok Updates

First of all, happy New Year!

Second of all, have you seen this?

That’s right. So far we have released 3/5 episodes of Ngomong Jorok, which are about:

  1. Menstruation
  2. Nocturnal emission
  3. Acne and body hair

Two to go:

  1. Genitalia
  2. Sexual desire

If you see it and like it and want to see more, kindly comment on the videos, please! Devina and I have plenty of things we want to explore in the next season. We are also thinking about making a video about FGM, HIV/AIDS, and sexual orientation – since the three are such hot button topic and not well-handled in media nowadays. If you want to see this, let us know.

What else did I do this month:

  1. I represented JFDG in Kenobi’s Feminism for Men panel. Had a blast! I have hope for feminist allyship in the future.
  2. We started organizing this year’s Women’s March. Guess what, 10 cities are joining Jakarta!

D-I-Why is now exclusive on YouTube!

D-I-Why is Michelle’s brainchild whose aim is to crush budding crafts lover dream and telling them that, “Yo, DIY’s torture. Succumb to capitalism and consumerism and be done with it.” I thought, wow, how reflective. Lol. Anyway, we have made two episodes available on Facebook:

Apparently our #HePi (Herson-Depi) ship is sailing well enough. Um, also, as Pijaru is veering towards YouTube growth (otw to Silver Play Button, y’all!), our producer has decided to move D-I-Why there and post strictly teasers on FB.

Please stay tune for Kitabertiga‘s next project: Ngomong Jorok and Komikomen S2. I have just finalized the reading list for next season’s Komikomen and also the talking points for NgoRok. More updates soon.

Staying Alive collab

Staying Alive is a LINE-based initiative aimed to reduce the number of SCA-related deaths. SCA itself is sudden cardiac arrest, which is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Jonathan Grantomo, the initiator, reached out to Pijaru if we want to make SCA PSA videos. So I pitched them and here they are, 5 videos to run starting Mar 16 2017:

More on this playlist.