Ngomong Jorok Updates

First of all, happy New Year!

Second of all, have you seen this?

That’s right. So far we have released 3/5 episodes of Ngomong Jorok, which are about:

  1. Menstruation
  2. Nocturnal emission
  3. Acne and body hair

Two to go:

  1. Genitalia
  2. Sexual desire

If you see it and like it and want to see more, kindly comment on the videos, please! Devina and I have plenty of things we want to explore in the next season. We are also thinking about making a video about FGM, HIV/AIDS, and sexual orientation – since the three are such hot button topic and not well-handled in media nowadays. If you want to see this, let us know.

What else did I do this month:

  1. I represented JFDG in Kenobi’s Feminism for Men panel. Had a blast! I have hope for feminist allyship in the future.
  2. We started organizing this year’s Women’s March. Guess what, 10 cities are joining Jakarta!

D-I-Why is now exclusive on YouTube!

D-I-Why is Michelle’s brainchild whose aim is to crush budding crafts lover dream and telling them that, “Yo, DIY’s torture. Succumb to capitalism and consumerism and be done with it.” I thought, wow, how reflective. Lol. Anyway, we have made two episodes available on Facebook:

Apparently our #HePi (Herson-Depi) ship is sailing well enough. Um, also, as Pijaru is veering towards YouTube growth (otw to Silver Play Button, y’all!), our producer has decided to move D-I-Why there and post strictly teasers on FB.

Please stay tune for Kitabertiga‘s next project: Ngomong Jorok and Komikomen S2. I have just finalized the reading list for next season’s Komikomen and also the talking points for NgoRok. More updates soon.